without you

there’s so much more time each day

without you in my life

for the things that I truly love

more reading

less reeling

I’ve never eaten better

never been healthier

physically and mentally

more exercise

fewer cries

now, I write every day

I can finally focus

without you

my old love

who got me through

what felt like so much

but it only felt like a lot

because we were together

and now that we’re apart

I see that I’m better off without you,

my first real, true love

cold, full, yet

so very empty.

so many empty

bottles of beer.

Thank you for reading! Come back soon 🙂


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  • An old "friend"

    I’m glad we both found where we need to be, that we’re both happier and healthier, and living better lives. It took us too long to realize we weren’t good for each other. Au revoir.

    • Sam

      If this is “jamesdeanwins,” buzz off. If this is literally anyone else, I hope that you’re doing well! 💕

  • Pat Metcalf

    Life is a journey. The more you learn about yourself and what enriches your soul, the happier you will be. Enjoy the journey 💋

    • Sam

      I sure will! 🥂💕

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