When You’re Feeling Froggy…

Have you ever felt froggy? You know, sort of anxious, restless, and ready to make a move? There’s only one remedy for that feeling. When you’re feeling froggy, you’ve just gotta jump! 

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Why Are You Feeling Froggy?

Don’t just jump right into things, though. First, figure out why you feel the way that you do. What’s making you feel so froggy? Be careful not to overthink it! Humans have a remarkable ability to go into denial without ever realizing it, and the more you think about what’s making you feel froggy, the more you might be inclined to clam up or freeze up.

Not only that, but sometimes there just isn’t a reason that we feel froggy at all. That’s okay, it happens! Sometimes our bodies are just jerks like that. Or maybe it’s the 6 cups of coffee. 🤔

Are You Holding Yourself Back?

Sometimes, we feel anxious about things that are outside of our control. But sometimes we feel anxious about the things that we can control. In fact, sometimes we feel so anxious about the things that we can control that we choose not to control them anyways!


Because not making a decision feels like a way to avoid responsibility. It allows us to say “well, I didn’t choose this, it just happened.” Not making decisions lets us play the victim. Is that the kind of life that anyone really wants to live? So, you’re gonna need to think about what it is that you’re afraid of. Why are you holding yourself back? Chances are, taking no action won’t get you the results that you want. Life just doesn’t work that way.

Embrace Impulse

Impulse is not a dirty word. More often than not, it seems that the “impulsive” decisions that people make are actually things that they’ve wanted to do for a while. They’re the things that people have always held themselves back from doing. Then, one day, they decide that they’re done holding back. And yes, truly impulsive decisions also happen, too, but I’m not talking about those.

Cool Simple Tribal Frog Tattoo Design | Tattoobite.

For example, have you ever met someone who’s always wanted a tattoo, but never knew what they wanted to get? Then one day, BOOM, they get something random! I’ve met several people like that, and they always say it was an impulsive decision, despite having thought about getting a tattoo for years before ever actually doing it. That’s the sort of “impulsive” decision I’m talking about.

When You’re Feeling Froggy…JUMP!

Maybe it’s not a tattoo. Maybe you’ve been wanting to ask someone out on a socially-distanced date, or maybe you’ve been wanting to move across the country. Sometimes, people have this idea in their head that they’re not supposed to want things, or that they’re not supposed to go after what they want. That it’s somehow bad, or immoral. Don’t believe that for a second!

The heart wants what it wants, be it a new tattoo or a new city. You know how people say it’s okay to do what you want as long as you aren’t harming others in the process? Well, consider yourself “others,” too. If you’ve been holding yourself back, if you’ve been in self denial, if you’ve been unhappy because you feel like you can’t follow your dreams, aren’t you hurting yourself? Don’t make yourself unnecessarily froggy!

And remember, sometimes it’s impossible not to hurt other people. Sometimes we disappoint our parents, or end relationships, or grow apart from friends. It sucks, but that’s life. Don’t feel bad about those instances, just don’t go out of your way to maliciously harm anyone.

You deserve happiness as much as anyone else. So, if you’re feeling froggy….JUMP!

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