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Water is often associated with the divine

it’s no wonder considering how water brings forth life.

early mornings, before dawn, are also auspicious

though I’m not entirely sure why

maybe its symbolic

Let There Be Light Every Day

Have you ever tried waking up before the sun?

I’ve wanted to for a while but it’s just so hard

So I asked for help last night

set a couple alarms

snoozed a couple this morning

when I went to snooze it again I missed the button

accidentally spilling a glass of water

but it was mostly empty

no biggie

I dried it up

poured another glass

from the pitcher on the desk

all without leaving my bed

went back to sleep until the next alarm sounded

said to myself be careful this time and missed the button

spilled another glass of water but it was full

and it didn’t spill on the nightstand

or the carpet either

but on me

on my face

I wasn’t mad

How could I be?

it was like a sign

I’ve often heard people say

signs from G-d are usually subtle

but this was so ‘in your face’

and it was a fast answer

to my prayers

it makes sense symbolically

like washing away my bad habits

so even if it was just me being clumsy

I like to think it was a sign

spilled water on my face

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