I want to be strong
Because I know I'm not
I want to have thick skin
Because I know it helps
I want to be sensitive towards others
And harder on myself.

I know what I believe
So why can't I act accordingly?
Sometimes I want to ask
What the hell is wrong with me?
I see little babies and wonder
Do they know who they want to be?
Do they know who they are?
Or do they only know what it's like
To be held by loving arms?

Life is funny. It’s full of opportunities, and of choices. So many choices.

My roommate is moving onto his boat next week. I’ll be moving in with 8 other women. Or maybe I won’t. They’ve been very flaky so far; or maybe I’m just being impatient. It’ll all work out.

I want to go back to school. I don’t know what to study, though, let alone what job to study for.

Maybe I could go for Linguistics. I’d love to be a translator for books. I want to learn so many languages, too!

French, German, Norwegian, Russian, Slovak, Mandarin, Cantonese, Yiddish.

中文我會說一點點。Et un petit peu de français, aussi.

Luckily, with enough work, I could use my B.A. in Art to get accepted into an M.A. Linguistics program. I’m thinking Norway, or maybe Germany, where it would be free-ish.

That’s an option. But what if I change my mind?

Sometimes, I just want to buy a little cabin near the woods. I could forage for mushrooms all day, and sell my morels and chanterelles in the market for $30/lb. And sell other stuff, too, like handmade soaps & candles and self-published recipe books.

There’s a thought! A bed and breakfast, with a little shop of handmade items. It would be fun providing fresh baked bread to travellers every morning.

And speaking of cooking, my roommate and I made the best mushroom soup the other day! Keep an eye out, I plan on sharing the recipe the next time we cook it.

I know the first rule of business is to do one thing and do it well, but isn’t it also wise to cast a wide net?

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