Wanting More

Hey there everyone, sorry I’ve been gone for so long! I haven’t had a lot to say lately, and I still don’t have much to say. Things haven’t changed much, except I’m writing less and I miss it a whole bunch! But after work I usually job hunt, and I have lots of chores and errands on my days off, so I’ve really been slacking and now I feel like my life is lacking. Here’s an old poem for today though! I promise I’ll make a point to start writing more again!!

To be honest, I lied a little bit. I have so much to say about my job at Goodwill! But they told us they have the right to monitor our social media and web presence, which means I could lose my job for saying what I want to say. I’ll spill the tea once I find another job though, don’t worry!

Sleeping In

My alarm went off at 6, but I wanted to sleep in

so I stayed in bed til 7, til I heard that sound again

I wasn’t feeling great, so I stayed in bed til 8

and now its 9 and I feel fine, but I hate that I slept in

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One thought on “Wanting More

  1. Be patient love. Life is a journey, and it’s just beginning for you. You are a bright and beautiful soul, so set your goals, dream your dreams and carry on.

    You can and will achieve whatever you set your goals to be.

    Patience sweet girl, one step in the right direction at a time. Focus on positivity, and inner peace and achievement will be your companions.

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