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Blooming flowers
Starting small
A little bud
Curled in a ball
When hours past
And morning come
Unfurled at last
Let go, undone.

This poem was inspired by sleep. I usually fall asleep all curled up and cozy under the covers and wake up spread eagle across the bed. Something about it just makes me think of flower buds opening up throughout the night.

🌺 🌺 🌺

Something funny occurred to me this morning. I realized that people often seem to mistake confidence for insecurity.

What’s up with that?

In an argument with a conspiracy theorist, some Catholic women accused me of being insecure for standing firm in my arguments against the antisemitic conspiracies.

The first party I went to that my roommates threw, I just wore my hair down. One of them said to me (while she was drunk), “oh my god you were sent here for us to build your confidence!”

I couldn’t decided on an outfit to wear the other day, and when I asked my friends’ opinions a couple of them told me to wear whatever I want and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks.

Arguing with conspiracy theorists comes from knowing that I’m right, and from knowing that I might be able to squash some of their ignorance.

I wear my hair unstyled because I’m happy with how it looks like that. In fact, I’ve even got a moustache and untweezed eyebrows that I’m rather fond of!

And asking about outfits? Well, not to sound full of myself, but I look cute in all of the outfits I have! Sometimes I ask friends about their opinions because I’m indecisive, because all of my outfits look good. What can I say, when I’ve got 6 outfits that I wanna wear on a single night, it can sometimes be hard to decide which one to go with!

Back when I wore more revealing clothes I was called insecure by women who covered up more, and now that my sense of style has matured a bit I get called insecure by women who wear revealing clothes because I don’t show more skin.

It’s interesting to note that in all of these instances, it’s been other women outright saying or subtly implying that they think I’m insecure. Which is totally fine! Men haven’t really made those sorts of comments, so I wonder what influence, if any, gender roles have on the assumptions that we make about another person’s self worth.

It’s definitely confusing, because I’m not really sure that I understand why people make those assumptions. But I suppose I don’t have to understand why.

Either way, it’s just funny to me!

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