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turvsy topsy

Myself I’m finding
turvsy topsy
lately a lotsy.

You is who?
but am I me?
who is who
and who is we?

Twirled it’s been
my mind, the world
maked to see
things not quite right
but turvsy topsy!

I came up with this one over a span of 2 nights. The first night I was working 10pm – 645am after having worked 6am – 245pm earlier that same day. The second night, I was working 12am – 4am and had to work again at 6am – 245pm that day. It came out to around 6 hours of sleep for those 48 hours. Luckily, my job is pretty low-key.

It seems that experimenting is always easiest when sleep deprived. It’s easier to let go, to be less of a control freak and just go with the flow. It is for me, anyhow. But needless to say, I was a little sleepy! It was fun experimenting with this one, and I already know that I’d like to develop it further. But until then, I hope you like this one as much as I do!☺️

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