to know and understand (prose, and a bit about Process)

Writing poems about nature feels almost silly. Surely we all know that nature is pretty. And writing of feelings? Why bother? Don't we all experience those pesky little things? But that's the point of writing, isn't it? Expression is tied to experience, to feeling. It's sharing. Sharing the wonder and joy and the beauty of simply being. The pain and sorrow, too, if we're feeling gloomy. Declaring "I am here and this is me. Do you recognize any pieces of yourself here? Am I alone in this feeling?" We want to be known and understood. To know and understand. For either of those to happen, we have to first let others know that "this is who I am!" How else could they possibly understand? 

Happy Valentine’s day!

This is my first attempt at writing prose! No commentary along with today’s post, except that it’s snowing in Seattle and I’ll be writing about that later, despite how silly it feels. 😊

Well, I wrote that I wouldn’t have commentary a couple of days ago, but now, 15 minutes before I was planning on publishing this piece, I’ve decided that I’d like to share some photos with you! A friend and I walked around Seattle in the snow last night, and I’m considering painting a series of Seattle landscapes. We’ll see! πŸ˜‰

So, I’d like to show you the start of my process. For most paintings, I start with a photo to layout the composition, then I edit the photo’s colors and details to create a reference “sketch”.

before editing

My preferred editing tools are VSCO and Meitu. Now, be careful if using Meitu, as there have been privacy issues with this app in the past!

After editing with VSCO

Now, let’s see if I have the follow-through to turn this into a watercolor sketch later today. I’ll keep you posted!😊

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