The Middleman

Money is a sham, a worthless middleman

They teach us that we need money

So we can buy other things

Food, clothes, a home.

We can buy things we want, too

Fun and games, and phones.

Apparently, we need money to live

Otherwise, nothing would get done

Or so they say.

In school, we’re taught about capitalism

Told that it’s the only way

Because money is a way to motivate us

Without it, they ask us, who would want a job?

Except people like to work

Just not all the time.

It’s part of what makes us human,

Our ability to find things to do

And we’ve gotten good at it.

So good that companies burn their excess products

To retain product “value”

So good that we could end world hunger

If only the hungry could afford food.

Why can’t we have our cake

And eat it, too?

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