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Tag: Self image


Time goes by really fast outside of class and its only now after 4 years that I realize that college isn’t for everyone and maybe it wasn’t for me I’m glad I went, all the same because I learned that … Continue Reading college

life of love

I used to think you were the love of my life the same way I thought the last guy was the love of my life and at one point it made me uncomfortable because at one point the last guy … Continue Reading life of love


Hey there everybody! When I first started this blog it was called The Hairy Kneecaps, it was a continuation of an … Continue Reading Makeover!

to change

I used to want to change I didn’t like myself didn’t want to be myself as I learned that people don’t change can’t change shouldn’t change I got angry I took it out on the people I cared about they … Continue Reading to change

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