I’ve been slacking lately I think its because I’m afraid of failure and I can’t fail if I never try But if I never try I’ll never know I’ll just do nothing and say I could have done something If only I tried Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been gone these past couple days, I’ve been Continue reading Try

art and poetry

Sometimes I question whether or not I’m actually writing poetry isn’t poetry supposed to be flowery pretty they say show, don’t tell but isn’t showing for painting drawing art at least poetry and art have something in common these days anything can be called art anything can be poetry even bullshit. especially bullshit.


Water is often associated with the divine it’s no wonder considering how water brings forth life. early mornings, before dawn, are also auspicious though I’m not entirely sure why maybe its symbolic Let There Be Light Every Day Have you ever tried waking up before the sun? I’ve wanted to for a while but it’s Continue reading water