foolish crickets

animal antenna arthropod background

A poem about traveling the world. And crickets.

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crazy into you

I’m super crazy into you, all morning, noon, and night.I think I’d like to fall for you, and stay right by your side.And if we’re being honest here, I hope we’re being honest, dear,I’ll follow you across the globe, through rainstorms, sun, and heavy snow.I’ll be your friend, and play pretend until the end.Until eventually, […]

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In 3 Months Time, I Will…

Wish for it Hope for it Dream OF it But by all means Do It

I want you to be you, and me to be me
I want to be together, independently.
You push me to grow and you treat me well
Let’s take it day by day, cause only time will tell!

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love me for you

If I was more like you would you love me more or is all of that selfish love of yours fake, too?

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life of love

I used to think you were the love of my life the same way I thought the last guy was the love of my life and at one point it made me uncomfortable because at one point the last guy made me uncomfortable I thought that “love of my life” meant there could only be […]

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