The Trouble With Trying

I don't know what I'm doing. When will I pull my life together? But really, does anyone ever? Does anyone know what they're doing? I used to tell myself at least we're all trying but my dad used to tell me that trying is lying you either do, or you don't. Now, I see what… Continue reading The Trouble With Trying

Wanting More

Things haven't changed much, except I'm writing less and I miss it a whole bunch! But after work I usually job hunt, and I have lots of chores and errands on my days off, so I've really been slacking and now I feel like my life is lacking

ebb and flow

A short poem about poetry

What’s not to like?

A fun little poem about the many facets of astrology.

Education in America

I don't believe that education is the path to freedom, I know that education is the path to freedom.