everyadventurething (Save the Kent Bog)

Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

Bogs are important carbon sinks and should be protected, along with the rest of the environment!

paying for our death

Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

the flowers, the bees the creatures in the seas we're all casualties killed by monster companies with unending corporate greed 💀💀💀

Killed By Clothes

Fashion is killing our planet

Sustainable Anarchy and the Downfall of Big Corporations

Anarchy is a sustainable solution to corporate ecological desecration and the devaluation of human lives in capitalist society.

Eco-Friend Groups and Membership

Hey there everyone! I recently updated the WordPress plan that Freshly Stale is on, and now the site supports memberships. What does that mean though? Why would anyone want to be a member of this blog?