Spring Again, and Tomato Sandwiches

What fools are we, deluding ourselves into the belief that love never dies. Everything dies, child. We know that spring flowers aren’t forever, and this we hold against none. We delight in the flower’s fragrance, let it’s beauty inspire us to art and poetry and know that we’ll meet again next spring.

Pink flowers against a green and blue background at the park

I wrote that in April, while a little buzzed and probably more than a little stoned, too. Usually when I start drafts, I don’t give them titles, that way when I click on each file to write it can be a bit of a surprise. Gotta stay entertained somehow, right?

But this one, this one sort of hurt to read. When I wrote that, 2 months ago, I was living in Ohio, unemployed and in a relationship that I shouldn’t have been in. He was my best friend, I loved him, but I wasn’t good for him or even to him. In fact, I hurt him quite a lot. Not intentionally, but that doesn’t change anything, doesn’t make a difference, really.

Right now I’m in an AirBNB in Washington, while the guy I came out here with is working on a fishing boat down at the port. We’ve been here for 9 days and today is his first day back to work.

It’s the first day I’ve really spent alone since leaving home. Since breaking up with my best friend. 9 days since leaving my family and friends, my cat, and most of my belongings behind.

I’d been invited come to Seattle on May 17th, and arrived on May 19th with no money and no job. The first time I met the engineer I came out here with, Alex, the first time we’d met in person that is, was only May 12th. And we’ve spent almost every day together since.

Space Needle
The Space Needle!🛸

We plan on staying in Seattle for 3 or 4 months, and after that we’ll hopefully be traveling to Europe. Depending on how the pandemic progresses, of course. I’ve never left the USA before, have never lived on the West Coast before, and only even left my mom’s house at the beginning of January. Needless to say, I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing.

I need to find a job. It’s very expensive out here on the West Coast, much more expensive than back in Ohio, so I’ll be cooking at home a whole lot more and think I’d like to share some recipes here on Freshly Stale.

The recipes will, for the most part, be vegetarian/pescatarian and kosher-ish. Maybe I’ll spend some time in quarantine learning how to mix drinks, too. I’ll live like a cliched romantic, wearing sun dresses on cafe patios with an iced soy latte, writing bad poetry and daydreaming about traveling. Maybe I’ll even write a book. And a cookbook, too!

Since I’m gonna have to start somewhere, sooner or later, well shoot, I’d might as well start now, right?

Grilled Cheese with Tomato

Grilled Cheese with Tomato
A little burnt, but that’s okay!


  • honey challah (or bread of your choice 😉)
  • whipped spreadable cream cheese or goat cheese
  • tomato, sliced to desired thickness (I prefer thin and layered)
  • dried parsley
  • garlic clove
  • butter

Serves: as many as you make!

Put pat of butter in pan on medium heat, add crushed clove of garlic and cook til golden and fragrant. Spread cheese on both pieces of bread. Sprinkle with parsley, add tomatoes, and fry sandwich in garlic butter until golden and gooey, flipping once. Cut sandwich in half and serve while hot! It’s also good with cucumber instead of/with the tomatoes.

Update: I’ve decided not to continue posting recipes. It just doesn’t make sense with the rest of Freshly Stale at this time. I was planning on doing Tasty Tuesdays, but now it’ll be How To Tuesdays, where I’ll walk you through setting up your site and teach some basic coding along the way!

Let me know what you think of this recipe in the comments below, and thanks for stopping by! 💚


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  • Anonymous

    Hi Sam! Sorry it took me awhile to find your page. Love your style! Hope to bump into you again soon!🌺

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  • Pat Meycalf

    The sandwich sounds delicious😊

    • Sam

      Thank you! 😊

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