s l o w

I hope that you know
That even though
Time waits for no one
It's still good
To take it slow
Take things 
s   l   o   w 
Because really
You never know
What time will show
I know you're so
So ready to go
Just please
Remember your foundations
Build them slow
Give yourself a good
Sturdy foundation
Choose a proper place 
to grow. 
Keep moving upwards
and take things
s l o w.

Oh my goodness I’m so excited, y’all! Why?

Because I’m moving!

I like where I am now, my roommates are all very nice and the neighborhood is safe and convenient. Rent is super affordable, since I live with 7 other people. But….

For me, it’s difficult feeling like an adult when I have 7 roommates, ya know? They’re all still figuring out what they want to do in life, going through school and partying and having the whole ~college experience~. Which is great!

That’s just not where I am in life, and so I’m making some life changes to better reflect where I am, and where I want to be!

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