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How do we know we’re not like Frankenstein’s Monster and G-d is the doctor a horrified Creator filled with regret but that doesn’t mean we can’t one day make the doctor Proud

love me for you

If I was more like you would you love me more or is all of that selfish love of yours fake, too?

15 inspiring quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.

Couldn’t not share this wonderful post today! The USA still has a long ways to go, but we’ll keep moving … Continue Reading 15 inspiring quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.


I know that I can do it because I won’t stop until its done.

Notes on How To Blog

Okay, so I’m gonna start off by saying that I’ve never actually made it as a blogger. But don’t hit … Continue Reading Notes on How To Blog


I guess if I want to be serious I should have a plan Be consistent Reliable That’s how progress is made


I wanna scream because you’re so fucking mean and I’d rather die than let you see me cry but hey I guess that’s family.

Knock on Wood

I’m pretty darn good Knock on wood It’s just such a lovely day And I really want to say I feel great today! …knock on wood.


Time goes by really fast outside of class and its only now after 4 years that I realize that college isn’t for everyone and maybe it wasn’t for me I’m glad I went, all the same because I learned that … Continue Reading college


Like many people, I don’t remember much of my childhood. I was a dumb little kid too focused on having … Continue Reading Faith

life of love

I used to think you were the love of my life the same way I thought the last guy was the love of my life and at one point it made me uncomfortable because at one point the last guy … Continue Reading life of love


Hey there everybody! When I first started this blog it was called The Hairy Kneecaps, it was a continuation of an … Continue Reading Makeover!

Just wait and see

I always say tomorrow, tomorrow tomorrow I’ll do it It’ll happen eventually Once I finish up this project for sure But I’m starting to think that maybe I’ve been jinxing myself this whole time So let’s give it another go … Continue Reading Just wait and see


I’m so desperate to go out and start living life on my own except I won’t be on my own … Continue Reading Home

to change

I used to want to change I didn’t like myself didn’t want to be myself as I learned that people don’t change can’t change shouldn’t change I got angry I took it out on the people I cared about they … Continue Reading to change

I am

trying my best                 sighing my best                                   crying my best but I don’t wanna be the … Continue Reading I am

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