Killed By Clothes

Fashion is killing our planet

Monday Shackles

Learn how to love Mondays with this short poem!

Tales From Retail: Signs

So a lady comes up to the only closed register at work and sets her stuff down right next to a sign that reads "THIS REGISTER IS CLOSED." Right across from it, facing her, was the only other register, and it didn't have a closed sign put up. I was doing something else away from… Continue reading Tales From Retail: Signs

Hallelujah ! The World is Ending

The world is ending it's the end of the world the world's been ending since I was a little girl and it never bothered me hallelujah ! Global warming our planet is dying we might have pushed things too far this time so what's the plan, now? hallelujah ! People say live every day like… Continue reading Hallelujah ! The World is Ending

Taking Space, Making Space

Sorry For the Unannounced Hiatus Hey there, babes! I've missed you! 😩 I've missed working on the site, treating it like a full time job and writing every day. So much, in fact, that I've decided to quit my second job and go back to just working part time! Besides, the second job made me… Continue reading Taking Space, Making Space