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Eco-Friend Groups and Membership

Hey there everyone! I recently updated the WordPress plan that Freshly Stale is on, and now the site supports memberships. What does that mean though? Why would anyone want to be a member of this blog?

A Freshly Stale Life

Eventually I want to be a full time blogger. But until I reach that point, I need to work a job for a living. Maybe you’ve read some of my poems and noticed, but I’m pretty anti-capitalistic. See, capitalism as practiced here in America is not sustainable. So the thought of working as a part of a capitalist society is, well, soul crushing.

Reblogging and Content Curation

Reblogging is tricky. When done wrong it can be stealing and copyright infringement, and it can just look lazy to boot.

Layers of Color

I’m totally in love with this art style and am super thrilled to be sharing this layered color exploration with you today, and eventually, with my classes 🎨 Be sure to check out more of the posts over at Make Art… Magic Happens! The name is spot on, magic really does happen over there 💖

5 Ways to Improve Your Classroom Management Overnight

Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone’s day went well 😊 Mine sure did! Well, I guess that depends on how … Continue Reading 5 Ways to Improve Your Classroom Management Overnight

5 Free Resources for New Teachers

Here’s a list of 5 free resource libraries for busy teachers. With some darn good advice, to boot!

What’s not to like?

A fun little poem about the many facets of astrology.

Learning to Teach

Freshly Stale will be about my first teaching job and learning how to teaching.

Education in America

I don’t believe that education is the path to freedom, I know that education is the path to freedom.


I’ve been slacking lately I think its because I’m afraid of failure and I can’t fail if I never try But if I never try I’ll never know I’ll just do nothing and say I could have done something If … Continue Reading Try

Not Like Other Girls

We’ve all heard it before, whether IRL or in the media. I’m not like other girls. Its a phrase I related to for most of my life. I liked math, I thought space was cool, I didn’t like the color … Continue Reading Not Like Other Girls

Book Release Update!

Hey there everyone! If you don’t know, 2 weeks ago I challenged myself to write an ebook in 1 week(gee … Continue Reading Book Release Update!

art and poetry

Sometimes I question whether or not I’m actually writing poetry isn’t poetry supposed to be flowery pretty they say show, don’t tell but isn’t showing for painting drawing art at least poetry and art have something in common these days … Continue Reading art and poetry


Water is often associated with the divine it’s no wonder considering how water brings forth life. early mornings, before dawn, are also auspicious though I’m not entirely sure why maybe its symbolic Let There Be Light Every Day Have you … Continue Reading water

its okay

I don’t know what to say except its okay to have an off day

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