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New City, New Me

I am so excited, y’all! Why? Because in just a week, I’ll be going somewhere new, and I love new places. But I’m not just visiting a new city, I’m moving there; to a state where I’ve never been before! As you can imagine, I’ve been a little bit busy tying up any and all loose ends here in Seattle that I can think of before making the big move (I still haven’t been to the top of the Space Needle!).

Once I’ve moved and gotten a little settled in I’ll have more to write about, scout’s honor!

You might remember this post from way waaay back in 2020 where I talk about my move to Seattle. Honestly I thought I would only be here for 3, 4 months tops. After that, the pandemic would be over, my roommate would be back from sea, and we’d be on our way to Europe.

β€œΧ“Χ’Χ¨ מגנטש Χ˜Χ¨ΧΦ·Χ›Χ˜ ΧΧ•ΧŸ Χ’ΧΦΈΧ˜ ΧœΧΦ·Χ›Χ˜

Der mentsh trakht un got lakht. 

Man plans and God laughs”

-Yiddish adage

It’s 10 months later and I’m still in Seattle. Instead of learning to mix drinks like I had planned, I got sober. I gave away most of my paintings at the CHAZ/CHOP instead of selling them. Instead of writing a pescatarian cookbook, I quit my pescatarian lifestyle for the first time in 11 years (and started it up again, but I’ll talk about that some other time!).

There’s an old Yiddish saying:

Χ“Χ’Χ¨ מגנטש Χ˜Χ¨ΧΦ·Χ›Χ˜ ΧΧ•ΧŸ Χ’ΧΦΈΧ˜ ΧœΧΦ·Χ›Χ˜

Der mentsh trakht un got lakht. 

Man plans and God laughs

–old Yiddish adage

Leaving Ohio on 2 days notice, I only brought 2 suitcases and a small carry-on with me. I left a lot behind. It seemed like a lot, carrying all that stuff through the airport. But while packing my bags, it didn’t seem like I was really bringing anything with me at all.

It was really liberating.

I’ve grown rather fond of the idea that I can just pack up, pick up, and leave whenever I want. That my whole life can be condensed to just 2 suitcases feels like freedom.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t like stuff. I love stuff! But do you know what else I love?

Giving stuff away and making room for new things! It’s so nice to be able to, finally, let go.

How can you reach for your future if you’re still holding tight onto your past?

Although I’ve only ever lived in 3 cities, I’ve lived in 12 different locations, making this next move my 13th place. For me, this seems like a good sign. 13 is considered both lucky and unlucky, depending on who you ask, and I’m of the ‘lucky’ camp. It’s good to find luck wherever you look, right?

See the Amazon listing here (I got mine for $176.65, so keep an eye on prices, as they fluctuate often!)

My bags have been packed for 2 weeks now, save for the few things I’ll need until my flight. I donated around 1/3 of my wardrobe, and am thinking of donating a few more pieces just to travel a little lighter. My books have mostly been sold or given away. What do I need books for, anyways? I’ve got a Kindle! (Just kidding, nothing beats a physical copy of a good book!)

Since being in Seattle, I’ve collected a fair bit of stuff. A nightstand, a lamp, a bed. All of those will be left to the person moving into my room. Aside from that, I’ve still ended up with a bit more than I came here with, so I bought some new luggage for a little extra packing space.

Needless to say, I plan on writing a review of the luggage after my flight next week! Until then, I’ll keep up with the 2021 Reading Challenge, and try to get some other posts written up, too. But…. no promises. I’m just too excited to think of anything other than moving lately!

OH! And as to where I’m going? I’ll let you know when I get there! πŸ˜‰

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