Mushroom Medley Soup

Back in my post “wanting,” I promised to share mushroom medley soup recipe. Well, here it is!

This soup is savory and citrusy, with a little bit of a kick! My bestie and I came up with the ‘recipe’ after visiting the Olympic National Rain Forest. Seeing all of the wild mushrooms growing there made us so hungry!🍄


• fresh chanterelles
• fresh oyster mushrooms
• dried wood ear mushrooms
• dried shiitake mushrooms
• dried crimini mushrooms
• dried portobello mushrooms
• fresh ginger, diced
• carrot chunks
• fresh daikon radish, cubed
• leek, sliced
• fresh jalepeño slices
• baby bok choy, pulled apart
• vegetable broth
• lemon or lime
• butter
• cilantro
• rice noodles


1. Put ginger, carrots, daikon radish, and broken up dried mushrooms into broth. Cover and put on medium-high heat.

2. While broth comes to boil, saute leeks in butter with a squeeze of lemon juice. Add leeks and fresh jalepeño slices to broth. Bring to boil.

3. Saute fresh mushrooms until soft in leftover butter with more lemon juice. Add to boiling broth. Saute baby bok choy in the rest of the butter, then add the bok choy and butter to soup.

4. Add rice noodles and chopped cilantro in last and cook until noodles are done. Serve hot and garnish with fresh jalepeño slices, more cilantro, and lemon wedges.

5. Enjoy!

You probably noticed that there aren’t any amounts of anything in this recipe. That’s because I don’t follow an exact recipe when I cook this! Use however much of any of the mushrooms and vegetables as you want. 😋

The chanterelles have a slightly citrusy flavor, while the shiitakes are more savory, and for the most part the flavor of the soup will be determined by how much ginger, leek, and lemon you use!🍜

As for the broth, usually a box of vegetable broth makes enough soup for 4 servings. I like to use around 1-2T of chopped ginger in the broth, but my bestie prefers when the ginger is minced. It really just depends on what you like!😍

Add more leek for a more oniony flavor(green onion works too!), or more jalepeños for a spicier broth, or try it with a miso or chicken broth instead. Make it your own! ☺️

Thank you so much for reading! Let me know if you try this recipe . Don’t forget to like and subscribe for more Freshly Stale content! 🍄🍜


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