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many ways

Я люблю ты
Jeg elsker deg
Би чамд хайртай
איך האב דיר ליב
Ek het jou lief
e ti amo
Ina son ku
aš tave myliu
Je t’aime beaucoup
Means I love you!

Wǒ ài nǐ (Mandrin)
Ya lyublyu ti (Russian)
Yai elsker dai (Norwegian)
Bi chamd khairtai (Mongolian)
Ich hab sur lieb (Yiddish)
Ek het you lief (Afrikaans)
Saranghaeyo (Korean)
Et ti amo (Latin)
Ina son koo (Hausa)
Ash taveh meeloo (Lithuanian)
Je tem bocoo (French)
Means I love you! (English)

Sometimes I wish I went to school for linguistics, or translation, or even just creative writing. This poem was so super fun to work on. I used the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) to double check the pronunciations of these phrases to make sure the word-flow sounds okay, although I don’t speak all of these languages so, in actuality, this poem might sound clunkier in real life than it does in my head.

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