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Lucky Day and Hare Krishna

Yesterday was my lucky day! Can I tell you about it? Lately, I’ve been cutting back on coffee, but yesterday I had 4 cups in a row. Gosh, that sure was a mistake! But after the coffee jitters passed, wow, what a day! This time last year, everything in Ohio was covered in snow and ice. I sort of miss it, but was glad for the nice weather here in Seattle.

Typically, I go out for walks on my lunch break in search of stickers, mushrooms, and anything else to photograph. Yesterday was no exception. My lunch was really very bland. It’s been a while since I went grocery shopping, so I only brought a bagel for lunch. Just an untoasted, unbuttered everything bagel. I didn’t even break it in half!

While I was out walking yesterday, I found a dollar on the sidewalk! I promptly tucked it into my pocket and forgot about it. A while after lunch, and a of couple minutes before leaving the building I was working in to go to a different building in a different city to work, I decided to reach out to an ex-boyfriend that I hadn’t spoken to in years.

I had ended things with less grace and tact than you would expect from an alcoholic 17 year old. Which, needless to say, is already not a whole lot. This month and a half of sobriety has had me thinking about my past a lot, and Mercury Retrograde might have some influence on my thoughts lately as well. If I had ever owned up to the mistakes that I made, well, I would have been high when I did, and quite frankly I just don’t remember. So I decided it was better to acknowledge my mistakes and risk repeating myself than to say nothing.

But what does that have to do with yesterday being lucky? Well….nothing, really. You’ll see why I mentioned this in a little bit, don’t worry!

About 8 hours in to my 12 hour shift, I started feeling a little snackish. At that point, I had already forgotten about the dollar in my pocket. Luckily, the vending machines take cards, so I used my debit card to get a little something.

And just look! The vending machine gave me 2 packs of snacks instead of 1. Lucky day! The rest of my shift went by quickly and without a hitch. When I went to the office to clock out, I noticed something a bit odd on a desk.

There was an old tearaway calendar on a desk that hadn’t been changed since December 17th. Now, this has nothing to do with yesterday being lucky, I just thought it was a weird little coincidence. See, December 17th is my ex’s birthday! Life is just funny sometimes. But, back to yesterdays blessings!

I left for work around 5:30am yesterday, and didn’t get off my bus to go home until around 7:45pm. While on the phone with a good friend, I noticed a food truck in the parking lot across from the bus stop. At first, I thought it was a taco truck, and considered stopping by. But then I decided to save some money and just cook at home. While walking past, I noticed it wasn’t a taco truck at all. It was a vegetarian food truck!

Seeing the word “vegetarian” made me do a double take, since most food trucks I’ve seen are pretty darn meat-heavy. Think tacos, gyros, hot dogs. The third time I looked back at this food truck, I noticed the word “FREE” in big letters on the side.

Never one to turn down free food, I happily walked over to see what it was all about!

A man sitting in the door of the truck was singing “Hare Krishna,” and all around the truck smelled spiced and magical. There were no menus, only a sign saying that the food was free and that they were only serving to-go options.

The woman at the window asked me how many meals I would like, and I told her just one, please. However, they had extras, so she asked me, would I be interested in taking more than one meal? I certainly did! And would I like some hot tea as well, she asked? Yes, please!

While waiting for her to prepare the boxes, I remembered the dollar in my pocket, which I gladly dropped in the Hare Krishna Food Truck’s donation box. Two dinners and a hot drink for just a dollar!

I’ve had tons of curry before. Red curry, green curry, massaman and panang. None were as good as the curry from the Hare Krishnas! Served over basmati rice and with some kind of spiced vegetable side, naan, and a sweet cinnamon dessert that I think was halva, this was easily one of the best meals I’ve had while in Seattle. It was flavorful and filling for an absolutely unbeatable price!

And the tea? OMT. Oh my tea! It was perfectly spiced and warmed me down to my bones. I think it was some sort of herbal chai, since it didn’t keep me up at night.

I can’t wait to go home today and have the second one for dinner!

OH, and by the way! Remember all the way at the beginning of this post, when I shared a picture from yesterday saying that I missed the snow? There was snow on the ground this morning! And it gets better, too. I was gonna get a croissant for breakfast at a nearby cafe on my first break today. My break isn’t until 8:30am, which is about half an hour from now. But at around 6:10am, a coworker came in with a box of doughnuts for everyone!

It’s incredible how much life can change when we decide to change our perspectives, isn’t it? Am I lucky? Am I blessed? I don’t know. But I’m grateful for everything, nonetheless!

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