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London Fog Vintage Hardside Expandable Spinner Luggage Review

About 2 weeks ago, I promised you a review of the luggage I bought to make my move from Seattle to St. Louis, and it’s about time I followed through! This set includes a 20 inch carry on and 2 suitcases with spinner wheels. The 2 bigger pieces of luggage are 24 inches and 28 inches. Each piece of luggage has an expandable zipper that will give you an extra 2 inches of room all around, while still keeping the suitcases appropriate sizes for domestic flights in the USA.

This luggage set can hold a lot. Like:

  • a full closet’s worth of clothes
  • 2 full dresser drawers full of clothes
  • over 30 books
  • a set of acrylic paints & brushes with several canvases
  • 2 purses
  • 6 pairs of shoes
  • 2 boots
  • a pair of slippers
  • 2 balls of yarn, crochet hooks & knitting needles
  • 5 hats and 4 scarves
  • toiletries
  • a laptop

Basically my whole life fit into this 3 piece luggage set!

The wheels on the luggage are super smoooth, and overall this set seems to be of good quality. Plus, the luggage itself is super lightweight. It got a little scuffed up during the flight, but that’s to be expected. And honestly, I’m sure it’ll clean right up! But I’ll save that for some other time…

Now, you might have noticed the huge dent in the corner of the carry on. That is 100% my fault. It was stuffed to the brim with books, and I dropped it from the overhead storage on the plane. Don’t put a bunch of heavy stuff in your luggage and drop it from 6 feet up and it won’t dent!

When I got my luggage after the flight, the zipper was busted on the 24 inch suitcase, but it was a really easy fix. All I had to do was unzip and rezip it and it was good as new!

All in all, I would say that this luggage set was a really good investment (especially since I got it on sale). It’s durable, cute, and holds a lot more than I was expecting!

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