life of love

I used to think you were the love of my life

the same way I thought the last guy was the love of my life

and at one point it made me uncomfortable

because at one point the last guy made me uncomfortable

I thought that “love of my life” meant there could only be one

and if it didn’t work out then it wasn’t really love


the thought of jumping from one love to the next used to scare me

it made love sound fake

but you made me realize that I when I said “love of my life”

it had nothing to do with other people

I just wanted to be in love

I had so much love to give

I should have been giving it to myself but

I didn’t know how

so I gave all the love that was supposed to be for myself

to someone else


when I tried that with you

you said that I needed it more than you did

and I fell in love with the both of us at the same time

I am the love of my life

but you, darling

are the life of my love.

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