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Letter to My Past Self

Dear me,

You’re gonna make a lot of mistakes, kid. A lot. Listen, I really cannot stress that enough. You’re gonna f*ck up! But, and this is the important part, you’ll always learn from your mistakes. It might take a couple of tries, it’ll take a couple of years in some cases, but I promise, things will get better.

I’m not gonna give you any advice, or tell you to do anything differently. If there’s one thing I know for certain, it’s that you absolutely would not listen, even if it were the best advice in the world. And that’s okay! We turned out pretty good, anyways.

I’m sorry I didn’t treat us well. I’m sorry I didn’t treat us with respect, and that I let other people treat us the way that they did. More than that, I’m sorry for all the things that we’ll do to hurt people in our life thus far.

And I forgive us for all of it.

Whether or not everything happens for a reason is beyond me. That doesn’t matter. You have a raison d’Γͺtre, and you know what it is. It’s hard to articulate, but it’s there.

Just have faith, kid. We’ve got so many adventures, so many good times, and even a couple of plot twists ahead of us! Just remember:

Drive reckless, take chances!

I love you (and I know that you’re embarrassed to hear people say that, let alone say it back, but try and tell me not to say it these days and see how well I listen)!

Sincerely with warmth from the future,


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