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Le Mort Joyeaux (the Happy Death) – Charles Baudelaire


Dans une terre grasse et pleine d’escargots
Je veux creuser moi-mΓͺme une fosse profonde,
OΓΉ je puisse Γ  loisir Γ©taler mes vieux os
Et dormir dans l’oubli comme un requin dans l’onde,

Je hais les testaments et je hais les tombeaux ;
PlutΓ΄t que d’implorer une larme du monde,
Vivant, j’aimerais mieux inviter les corbeaux
A saigner tous les bouts de ma carcasse immonde.

Γ” vers ! noirs compagnons sans oreille et sans yeux,
Voyez venir Γ  vous un mort libre et joyeux ;
Philosophes viveurs, fils de la pourriture,

A travers ma ruine allez donc sans remords,
Et dites-moi s’il est encor quelque torture
Pour ce vieux corps sans Γ’me et mort parmi les morts !

Lately, I’ve been trying to memorize this poem by Charles Baudelaire. It seems like a good way to improve my French, and I just really like Baudelaire’s poems! The English translation is posted below, as well as a great rendition of the original French by Georges Chelon via song. I hope you like it as much as I do!


In a rich earth full of snails
I want to dig myself a deep pit,
Where I can lay out my old bones at leisure
And sleep in oblivion like a shark in the wave,

I hate wills and I hate tombs;
Rather than implore a tear from the world,
Alive, I’d rather invite the crows
To bleed all the ends of my filthy carcass.

O worms! black companions without ears and eyes,
See a free and joyful dead coming to you;
Philosophers living, sons of rot,

Go through my ruin without remorse,
And tell me if there is still some torture
For this old body without soul and dead among the dead!

I hope I can either find the chords for ukulele, or figure them out myself!

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