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You’re impatient.
You don’t like to wait;
not at restaurants
or in bars.
And when I take too long
choosing an outfit
or doing my hair,
You just walk out
without me.
But when I’m feeling sad,
or mad,
You always have time
to talk me through it.
And when I’m excited to show You
something inconsequential,
like a slug in the woods,
or a great big mushroom
You always have time
to show me you care.
Not about slugs
or mushrooms.
About me.
You’re impatient.
You don’t like to wait.
Yet you give me your time
when you think it will make me
And it does.

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  1. Love the inward thinking/analysis of this one. If we can just step back and take a good look at the whole situation, we could avoid much confrontation with others, by simply understanding where they were coming from, and what outcome resulted.

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