I Ask For Turtles When I’m In Love

When I’m in love
I ask for turtles.
This week I saw two
each on separate days
and moved them out of the road.

When I picked them up,
each on separate days
first they retreated
into their shells
and I know they were different turtles
on different days
because of their different shells.

First they hid from me
deep in their shells
but when I picked them up
they stuck their heads out far
despite the danger
so far
drinking in the world
from a new point of view.

Once back on the ground
they ran away as fast as turtles can run
never to be seen again
never to be seen by me again.

I hope and wish and pray
Please, God
if this person is good for me
send another turtle my way
and if I see a turtle today
well wouldn’t that be nice?

But that was yesterday
and maybe the turtles were too fast
or maybe I was too slow
but yesterday we didn’t cross paths
so I guess now I know.

Thank you so much for reading! Come again soon (if you want)🐒


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