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holidays away

Far away from home,
spending the holidays alone
isn’t quite so bad
because I know I’m not alone.
How can I be,
when I know my family loves me!

This year is the first year I’ve spent away from family in Ohio. I worked on the Fourth of July, and Halloween, Thanksgiving, and even my birthday (I know that isn’t really a holiday, but still!). I’ll be working on Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s day, too.

It feels weird that I’m not able to be with my family on the holidays. Being in a pandemic almost makes things easier.

Even if I were back in Ohio, we’re still in a pandemic. I still wouldn’t be able to see anyone. So I think that being in Ohio would make things more difficult.

It’s easy to socially distance when there’s 2,400 miles and a $400 plane ticket in between my family and me. But when it’s just a 20 minute drive? I would have a difficult time with that, I think.

I hope you’re able to find meaninful ways to celebrate the holidays this year, whether it’s doing video calls or sending more postcards and gifts than usual!

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