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Hallelujah ! The World is Ending

The world is ending

it’s the end of the world

the world’s been ending since I was a little girl

and it never bothered me

hallelujah !

Global warming

our planet is dying

we might have pushed things too far this time

so what’s the plan, now?

hallelujah !

People say live every day like it’s your last

as if we don’t see our futures slipping away.

why not fight like we have a winning chance

just for the fuck of it

hallelujah ! anyways

Life is scary

it’s the end of the world

the planet is dying and I want to, too,


just not quite yet

hallelujah !

Hallelujah !

The world is ending

and it never bothered me.

isn’t that what started this problem in the first place


hallelujah !

we’re lost, scared, we don’t know what to do

it looks like our options were taken

but that doesn’t mean we don’t care

we just don’t know what to choose

hallelujah !

Hallelujah ! for options

Hallelujah ! for actions

nobody can take away our will

which is why they’ll try to take away our options

break our spirits

why do something if we don’t care about anything?

Hallelujah ! for caring, even if nothing matters!

Hallelujah ! for the hope that we’ll make a difference!

Either way, we won’t find out til the end

if the Earth will really die

maybe there’s still hope

Hallelujah ! for choosing to grow

Hallelujah ! for choosing goodness despite all hope

Hallelujah ! for tomorrow !

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