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frog’s song (faux sonnet)

I sing when I am happy,
and jump cause I’m alive.
Though I’m an ugly chappie,
I don’t let that kill my vibe.

To sit around the pond
makes quite a lazy day.
You know I’m rather fond
of passing days this way.

But why am I content
living down here in the muck?
Life’s just one big descent
and in the end we’re all still fucked.

Yet despite my warts and grime
I’m still cheerful all the time!

Can you tell that I don’t have much experience with sonnets? In fact, I have so little experience with sonnets that I used the article How to Write a Sonnet by Poetry for Dummies to write this piece. It’s my first ever “sonnet.” But…it’s not really a sonnet at all, I don’t think. The rhyme is there, and it’s got 3 quatrains and a couplet, but there’s not really an argument to be found. Sonnets are supposed to make an argument for something, right?

Oh well!

Update: sonnet altered based off constructive criticism of a wonderful Mr. Jason Wolf. Thank you!

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