each day goes by faster than the last

while I keep the same steady pace I’ve always kept

and watch myself fall behind

never catching up because

I know how it ends.

I wrote this some time in 2019. Melodramatic, I know. But you know what? It doesn’t matter that we’re all gonna die!

We’re all gonna die anyways, so what’s the point in trying was a horrible mindset to have. But we’re all gonna die so let’s live while we can?

Is it cliche? Yes! But shoot, people like cliches for a reason. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying life. There’s nothing wrong with change. I was so bored with the monotony of working minimum wage retail in Ohio, and it seems so readily apparent in these few lines.

I caught myself falling into the same trap here in Seattle. Wake up, go to work, go home, repeat. Getting sad about it won’t do any good. Dropping hobbies and sleeping all day won’t, either. I’m not gonna do that again; I’ll leave that attitude with the S.A.D. back in Ohio.

It’s time for a change. Keep going and never, ever settle. It’s not enough to keep going forward if you don’t like the track that you’re on. Change track, change trajectories, climb higher!

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  • Pops

    Quite amazing to observe the growth…..

    • Sam

      And I will never stop! 💪💪

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