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Life will go on and

life will get better

but that day is not today

and that’s perfectly okay

because it’s not bad to be sad

you’re just not meant to stay that way


Things can get rough sometimes, but hey, c’est la vie!

I like to think of sadness and anger like a pimple. It’s uncomfortable, and not usually too pretty, either. We want it to go away as fast as possible. Sometimes, we try to pop the pimple, thinking that this will make it go away faster. It doesn’t. Instead, it makes things worse, it inflames the area, making it redder, and can even lead to scarring.

Trying to force ourselves to be happy before allowing ourselves to properly feel sad is a lot like trying to pop a pimple. It will only make things worse! No matter how much it sucks, we can’t rush healing.

Feeling negative emotions is a part of life. Cliche, I know. Some good advice I recently got was that the only way out of it is to get through it! We can’t pop pimples and expect them to go away immediately, and we can’t just say that we’re fine and expect to be fine. It just doesn’t work like that. Let the pimple run it’s course, and find a spot treatment that works for you! The spot treatment is, of course, an analogy for coping methods.

Acknowledge your pain. It’s okay to let yourself grieve. Find ways to work through it, whether it’s poesy, paintings, or spending time with loved ones.

Change what you can change, and accept what you can’t change. You will get through this. But until then, it’s okay to cry.

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