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You say that you love me,
the next day you don’t.
Sometimes I wonder,
Am I just a big joke?

I like your company,
you push me to grow.
You’re a friend like no other,
but sometimes I wonder
if I’m a fool for staying.

No, of course not.
At least,
not for staying.

See, I’ve always been a fool,
it has nothing to do with you.
I’m going to stick around
no matter what you do.
Not out of foolishness,
please, don’t get confused.
I’m not really in love,
I just need something to do.

So let’s travel the world,
we’ll adventure together.
Since we’ve already hurled
ourselves into this venture.

Collecting stories for my novel,
like a crow collects trinkets.
Shiny memories in hovels
where you’re annoyed by the crickets.

Let’s go to Mexico,
to save up some cash.
Get inspiration for poems,
even though they’re all trash.

We’ll go to Thailand
for a lovely vacation.
With some sun, sand, and tans,
the hottest couple in the nation.

Or how about Greece?
Let’s visit Corfu.
Where I’ll never cease
writing trash poems for you.

Let’s go everywhere,
and take care of each other.
We’ll drink international beers
not in love, but still lovers.

Thanks for reading! 🌞💕

What do you think?🙂

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