feeling strange

I’m feeling strange today
though nothing’s really changed.
Its still not quite the same, I’d say
I’m confusing fear with love again.

That strange little choking feeling? It will always find you. Its a kite. Run with it, keep moving, give it new breath and take it new places. It flies higher, lighter than air. Excitement! Rest, catch your breath a little; there’s still time.

But don’t wait for too long. Keep moving. Rest too long and it sinks. Chokes. Down down down crashing down NO! Run keep running keep moving then! rest again. Don’t stop. Excitement, fear, love. They’re all the same. Don’t choke.

The spider in the first photo on here was a total photobomb! I was trying to get a picture of the flowers and there she was! This one to the side here was floating in the air as I was walking to work, as I was thinking about kites. I haven’t flown a kite in over a decade, so maybe the metaphor doesn’t make much sense. It’s a little cynical, too. Oh well.

Thank you so much for reading! 🕷


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