Like many people, I don’t remember much of my childhood. I was a dumb little kid too focused on having fun to think about remembering anything. Luckily, my mom remembers a lot that my sisters and I forgot.

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Mom and I were driving down a big, icy hill the other day, and we were nervous. She started to tell me that she hoped the car would stop at the traffic light we were approaching. See, it was a big steep hill, and Ohio roads are, well, garbage. Like, Ohio roads can get really slick and icy, not to mention the pot-holes. There was definitely a chance that the car would slide right through a red light. I told her that we would be fine, that we just had to have faith and we’d probably get a green light. See, any time I really need to avoid red lights while driving I tell myself the same thing I told my mom; just have faith. It’s always worked. Needless to say, it worked on that big hill with my mom too.

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The elementary school my sisters and I went to was on an even steeper hill. I thought it was so fun as a little kid; it was like a roller coaster. My mom always tried to keep her cool around us kids to keep from scaring us, so I was surprised when she told me she’d actually almost lost control of the car on that hill a couple of times! There was one time in particular, though, where she almost broke her act. Like, she sorta lost her cool, but not enough for my older sister or 5 year old me to notice.

She said a prayer out loud. Asked God for help. Then she asked again. A small voice behind her said

“Mama, why are you praying again. It’s okay, God heard you the first time. Have faith.”

My mom doesn’t know which one of us said it. It doesn’t really matter who said it, though. The message is what really mattered: have faith. Faith in science, faith in religion, faith in humanity, faith in yourself, faith in something can be a rock in times of need. Humans need that kind of stability because life is always moving, always changing, and sometimes it can be too much.

Change can be scary! It can be wonderful, too. Change can be so many things, that’s sort of the point. Having constant faith in something is like an anchor, it keeps you where you need to be.

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These days I find faith in lots of stuff. I have faith in my friends and family, faith that time passes, I have faith in the inevitability of death, I have faith in my relationship, faith in myself. It keeps me sane.

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