food coffee brunch cafe


every day
living cliches
writing essays
at jazz cafes
wearing berets
drinking lattes
so much to say
but being cliche
is not okay
it's better than that
it's great! 

There was a while where I avoided rhyming. Well, I avoided a lot of stuff, actually. But not anymore. Lately, I’ve been wearing berets a lot. I’ve always thought they were cute, but used to worry that it was too stereotypical, being a poet who wears berets. And what about jazz? Won’t people call me boring, or worse, pretentious, for enjoying what is often referred to as ‘elevator music’?

I don’t care anymore and I’ve never been happier!

The other day at work I wore a beret and a coworker, someone I’d never talked to before, said “every time I see you in that little hat I’m just ready to hear you spout some poetry or something. It’s so cute, I love it!” and wouldn’t ya know it, I was writing some poetry when she said that. 💌

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