You're my best friend, dork!
Hey, what does that mean?
Have I graded my friends?
Ew! No, that would be mean!
It means that I like you,
I think you're funny!
I like to be near you,
You're good company!
I can be super real with you,
You don't ever judge me.

You're my best friend, dork
Now, what does that mean?
I want to care for you!
Will you take care of me?

I started a new job today at 4:45am, and will be working until 2:15pm. So far, I have done absolutely nothing except write this poem and drink a lot of tea.

With all this time on my hands, what am I to do, other than to think? So, I’ve been thinking about best friends. What does it mean to be best friends with someone? How are best friends different than just good friends, or casual friends?

I’m honestly not too sure, but I think it comes down to how much we care about someone, and how much they care back. In demonstrable ways, of course! We show we care by making time for one another, by being there for one another, by listening and sharing with one another on a more personal level than just friends would do.

Best friends are trustworthy, caring, and honest, even when the truth might hurt. Best friends want the best for each other. They want to be a part of one another’s lives, to share in the ups and the downs.

After writing it down, putting more thought into it, and having more tea, I think that best friends have a lot to do with vulnerability. The people we can trust fully, the ones who we can be completely vulnerable with, those are best friends. What do you think?

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