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fresh brew

without you
I’m not me.
don’t know, who
am I supposed to be?
can’t see no point
in waking.
don’t have the strength
to be facing
the day
without my sweet, warm
fresh brewed coffee

Yesterday, I told myself I would give up coffee. HA! What a joke! I thought it would help me sleep better, and to be fair, I was super duper right. A day without coffee helped me sleep so well that I fell asleep at my work! Should I have been fired for that? Absolutely. But the operations manager who caught me(not even a supervisor, but a supervisor’s boss!) was so super nice about it. I’m not gonna make him regret it!

After waking up, I started thinking about it, and I simply cannot stop drinking coffee.

I’ve played with this poem format before, and it almost feels a little bit cheap to do it again. But how else am I going to thoroughly explore themes of longing and codependency in a humorous manner? These poems are somewhat formulaic, and that’s what formulaic writing allows us to do; to quickly yet deeply explore themes and ideas. The more we use one formula, the more we change the variables, the more we inevitably learn about that topic or theme.

Of all the things I learned in art school, I have to say that learning to use and appreciate formulaic processes has been the most valuable for me!

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