Why You Need Shabbat For Self-Care

Photo by Ruffa Jane Reyes on Unsplash

A Day of Rest Yay, it's Saturday!! Well, I'm writing this on a Thursday and it'll be posted on a Saturday, but whatever. I'm sure this is true for lots of folks, but Saturdays are just my favorite days! Since I've started giving myself a set, non-negotiable day of rest I've noticed I've been way… Continue reading Why You Need Shabbat For Self-Care

The Trouble With Trying

I don't know what I'm doing. When will I pull my life together? But really, does anyone ever? Does anyone know what they're doing? I used to tell myself at least we're all trying but my dad used to tell me that trying is lying you either do, or you don't. Now, I see what… Continue reading The Trouble With Trying

We Weren’t Always So Afraid of the Dark

full moon

Did you know that the Moon changes every day? Peoples of old knew, and they would go out and spend time with her every night to make sure that she was okay. They were friends, and the People called her Luna. If Luna had a name for the People, they never knew, but they knew that she listened to them; and that was enough.

Sustainable Anarchy and the Downfall of Big Corporations

Anarchy is a sustainable solution to corporate ecological desecration and the devaluation of human lives in capitalist society.

A Freshly Stale Life

Eventually I want to be a full time blogger. But until I reach that point, I need to work a job for a living. Maybe you've read some of my poems and noticed, but I'm pretty anti-capitalistic. See, capitalism as practiced here in America is not sustainable. So the thought of working as a part of a capitalist society is, well, soul crushing.