Branching Out

Hello there! January is almost over, and I’ve been thinking….. maybe Freshly Stale can be more than just a book blog. Well, it can be anything I want it to be, and that’s exactly the problem! I think I want to start posting recipes again, and share some outfit inspiration, and start sharing all of the stickers I come across in Seattle, too!

Everything I’ve read about blogging recommends sticking to a niche. But I think I wanna try out lifestyle blogging again. For real this time. I mean shoot, why not, right? What’s the worst that could happen?


The other day I made some dark chocolate dipped Madeline ‘cookies'(they’re technically cakes) with mandarin oranges and I really want to share the recipe with you! Really, there’s no reason for me not to share my recipes with you, aside from the blogging advice that says to stick to my niche (which is currently writing/book reviews/poetry).


And I think having a little style section would be super fun, too! Did you see the post where I mentioned that I finally started wearing berets? That was super fun to write, and I’ll bet that a whole post about the different ways to style berets would be even more fun! And honestly? I cycle through clothes so often that it would be neat to document the different outfits I have before changing my style up and donating them to thrift stores. I know, I know, it’s a bad habit!

I’m hoping to break that habit this year though. College is over, I’m getting older (and even got my first gray hairs!), and I think my sense of style is finally starting to come together. It was all over the place for a while, going from boho-hippie-in-bandanas to cringey not-quite-emo-just-barely-punk to ironic-frat-douche and all sorts of stuff in-between. All of that has settled into a style that I like to call granny-chic-school-librarian-at-brunch/poetry slam night.

What does granny-chic-school-librarian-at-brunch/poetry slam night look like? Stay tuned to find out!


Seattle is cool because I can dress however I want and nobody will look at me funny for it. Its a very expressive city. One of my favorite things about this city, aside from the sense of fashion freedom, is the stickers! Seriously, there’s stickers on practically everything here. And they’re weird. I love it!

Almost every day I post pictures of the neat stickers I find on my SnapChat. And the street art, too. That’s pretty fleeting though, only posting to Snap. Why not just post them on here? Say, every Sunday? Or maybe as an email newsletter! The Sticker Sunday Special sounds fun, doesn’t it?

What do you think of these potential changes? Let me know in the comments?

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What do you think?🙂

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