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Words words words sentimentalities
maybe a metaphor or a simile words words feelings and some internal rhyme a reference here or there of a different, better time words meaningless words words meant to evoke something, anything, but usually a feeling that can’t quite be spoke words words words words words words words none of them really matter. they’re only words. 

Okay listen! I know this poem might come across as a little moody and cynical, but I promise it’s not. Boredom is a hell of a drug! But this week, it’s not enough of a drug to get me through the book I’ve been reading.

This is the second week in a row that I haven’t finished a book, despite challenging myself to read a book a week. Egads! As such, I won’t be posting a reading challenge update tomorrow. But please let me explain myself.

My coworker let me borrow a book that he had recently finished and…..I hate it. The story is about an entitled rich kid in early 1900s Japan and I just can’t get into it. Its just not my cup of tea. At all. I’ll explain more once I actually finish it. Who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind!

Only 200 pages to go.😭

Thanks for stopping by! 🪲

What do you think?🙂

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