Why am I Blogging?

Maybe it’s because I was born on the Cusp of Magic(during the transition from Gemini to Cancer), but blogging just feels right for me. I don’t wanna get too much into astrology in this post, but being born on the cusp of signs just means that a person will display traits from both of the signs.

Not all astrologers agree on the days for the cusp, or whether or not the cusp is even real, but I like to believe in it anyways. Even if its not “real,” astrology is a fun way for people to get to know themselves, ya know? Like, nobody has to believe that the stars predict anything, or explain anything, but if a person relates to their sign then its pretty harmless to let them express themselves with astrology.

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Okay, so maybe I’m not too much like the Cusp of Magic, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t #goals, right? But the thing about this sign is, we tend to be private people. I like my privacy, so making a blog is really, really scary.

It sounds easy enough in theory. Gemini is an air sign; we can have lots of different interests so we never run out of things to talk about. It also means our moods can change like the winds, so it’s no surprise that consistency can be hard for us.

A 9-5 job can get boring fast, and we have to work hard to follow through with projects. Aside from that, running a blog means putting yourself out there. That’s the real scary part for the Cancer sign in me. Sometimes all I wanna do is stay in my shell.

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It’ll totally be worth it to leave my shell every now and again though! Maybe I’m romanticizing it just a tad, but keeping a blog will be a good way to:

  • practice writing
  • explore new ideas
  • learn responsibility
  • be my own boss
  • meet new people

And so much more!! Probably. Hopefully. Its worth a shot, that’s for sure! And it’s super eco-friendly, too! Like, I have so many darn notebooks and journals that are only half filled with stuff that I never even go back to look at. What a waste of paper! Not to mention all the space it takes up.

A blog will let me write all that stuff down and keep it way more organized than if it was in a notebook. A public blog will encourage me to go through everything I’ve written and keep updating and perfecting my style.

Besides, whats the point of writing something down if it’s just gonna be forgotten anyways? That sorta defeats the purpose.

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As fun as keeping paper journals is, they can be hard to edit. Well, maybe not hard. But completely changing the layout of an already written page is way easier on a computer screen than it is with a pen and paper. There’s just so much more freedom with technology!

In the end, that’s really what this blog is all about. I want freedom. I want to have the freedom to stay home and keep a garden, and to knit, and to play ukulele, and to study, and to do it all and more on my own time. After all, Cusp of Magic folks are known to be adventurous homebodies!

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