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A Quote by Victor Hugo

Une destinée est écrite là jour à jourEst-ce donc la vie d’un homme ? Oui, et la vie des autres hommes aussi. Nul de nous n’a l’honneur d’avoir une vie qui soit à lui. Ma vie est la vôtre, votre vie est la mienne, vous vivez ce que je vis; la destinée est une”

Victor Hugo

This quote has been sitting in my drafts for quite some time now. From the poesies choisies de Victor Hugo, this quote translates to:

“A destiny is written day by day. So is this the life of a man? Yes, and the life of other men, also. None of us has the honor of having a life of our own. My life is yours, your life is mine, you live what I live; destiny is one.”

Specifically from Hugo’s Les Contemplations, this quote has been on my mind lately. I find it rather empowering.

Nothing is original.

We’ve all heard someone, at some point, rant about how no ideas are original anymore, right? In that sense, and especially when compared with this quote of Victor Hugo’s, I feel very good about things.


Well, think about all of the good, wonderful, incredible, amazing stories out there. If nothing is original and my life is someone else’s and their life is mine, well, ain’t nobody said that I can’t choose which life I want, right?

Destiny is written day by day, and it’s up to us to choose what story gets written. We just have to remember that we aren’t really the ones doing the writing (so choose carefully)!

And all of that reminds me of another thing that’s been on my mind a lot lately;

Discretion is the greater part of valor!


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