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2021 Reading Challenge – Week 12

Wow, we’re already about 1/5 thru 2021! With lockdown still in effect, it’s really such a great year to be reading more. Even though I’ve slowed down with reading, I’m still 5 books ahead of schedule for my goal of reading 1 book a week for an entire year.

This week, I finished reading The Sorrows of War by Bao Ninh. This book had be crying multiple times, it’s so descriptive and moving! I’ve also started reading Sappho and the Greek Lyric Poets : the complete extant poems and fragments of Sappho and a generous selection from other Greek Lyric poets of antiquity translated by Willis Barnstone, and am still reading all of the books that I mentioned in this post.

Look at this cute little toad I found at a mall in Bellevue, Washington!

You might remember that I’ve been trying to learn French, and I think I’ve also mentioned that I can speak a little bit of Mandarin Chinese. Well, I never thought I’d have much of an interest in it, but reading these poems has me wanting to learn Ancient Greek! And studying daf yomi has me wanting to learn Hebrew!

Gosh, where will I ever find the time? I just have to! If there’s one thing I’ve always wanted, it’s to be a polyglot.

Thank you for checking out my little online diary! I appreciate your continued support ☺️

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