2021 Reading Challenge – Week 11

Well, I’ve been so excited about moving that I almost forgot to write today’s post! Whoops! Despite being busy with moving, I’ve managed to finish 2 books, and to start reading 2 more on top of the ones I’ve already been reading. But mostly, I’ve been filing forms like change of address, taxes, and transfers at work. Life goes on!

Books Finished

It took me a while to finish these books, but I finally did it! Let me tell you, 2001: A Space Odyssey is a classic for a reason, and I’m already looking forward to reading it again! (I wonder if I can find a copy in French? ๐Ÿค”)

Books In Progress

I’m currently reading 6 books, although I haven’t mentioned 1 of them to you before now. I haven’t mentioned it because it’s a book that I’ve read numerous times. That book is Frankenstein or a Modern Prometheus. But it’s a little different this time. This time, I’m reading it en franรงais!

Talmud and Daf Yomi ื“ืฃ ื™ื•ืžื™&ืชึทึผืœึฐืžื•ึผื“

One of the books in my list this week stands out among the rest; the Talmud. The what? The Talmud is a book of intergenerational discussions between Rabbis regarding halacha AKA rabbinical law. You can get a better understanding of what the Talmud is, and what it is not, here.

Multiple rabbis, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The word ‘talmud’ literally means to ‘study.’ The Talmud isn’t something that’s just read; it’s a book of laws, customs, and history meant to be studied. Because of the density and dearth of subjects, the Talmud is often studied just a page a day. This practice is called ‘daf yomi’ (ื“ืฃ ื™ื•ืžื™), which literally means ‘daily page’. The process takes 7.5 years to complete the whole Talmud, and each day of the year has a specific page assigned to it. That means that anyone and everyone reading daf yomi will be reading the same page each day!

Like other books, it’s best to start at the beginning. But that isn’t necessarily necessary with the Talmud. This current daf yomi cycle started lat January, 2020, so if you wanted to wait to start at the beginning you’d be waiting for over 6 years!

Playing catch-up isn’t necessary either. Does it help to know what pages you missed? Sure. But studying over 400 pages of Talmud before starting daf yomi is no small feat!

You can learn more about daf yomi here and start your daf yomi practice here (this link for daf yomi is strictly for the Talmudic text, and can be a lot for a beginner to study).

If you’re interested in learning Talmud, I would recommend starting your daf yomi study with My Jewish Learning’s ‘Daily Dose of Talmud’ newsletter. You can sign up here! I highly recommend this email course, as it includes more modern commentary to help make sense of your studies.

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  • Happy Panda

    Your reading list is so varied and interesting. Love how different the books you’re reading are!
    Hope it hasn’t been a pain to move!

    • Sam

      Thank you so much! Reading such different books helps to keep me from getting confused about what happened in which book lol ๐Ÿ˜„ Moving hasn’t been a pain, I’m just so antsy to actually leave! ๐Ÿœ๐Ÿœ

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