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2021 Reading Challenge – Week 1

Yesterday marked the first week of 2021. And whew what a week it’s been! My goodness! But Freshly Stale isn’t here for current events. This is a safe space from all of that madness. Today I’d like to give a brief update on the reading challenge I’ve set for myself! Last Monday, I said that I wanted to read 1 book a week, every week, for all of 2021. I was 1 book ahead of schedule when I wrote that.

Last night, January 7th, I finished reading my 3rd book of 2021! The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells. It was great, and I’ll be writing up some thoughts on that after I finish writing about P.G. Wodehouse’s My Man Jeeves (which I highly recommend).

Aristophanes – The Frogs

Today, I’m halfway through The Frogs, a play by Aristophanes. It’s a bit of a difficult read; I’ve had to read several sections several times over. I love a good challenge!

Comic from wikimedia commons

As a political satire, The Frogs is chock-full of references to Ancient Athenian culture, society, and politics that I just don’t understand. Which is great! I’d like to get more familiar with Greek history, and each of these references gives me a point to research and try to further my understanding. And, as a Greek comedy, there are many mentions of other playwrights, poets, and philosophers, all of whom I plan on looking into further.

Aside from that, there are also some jokes that have withstood the test of time. The universality of a fart joke cannot be overstated! or, take for example, this exchange, in which Dionysus is asking Heracles how to make his way into Hades:

HER: An ancient mariner will row you over
In a wee boat, so massive.
The fare's two obols.

DIO: Fie! The power obols have, the whole world through! 

Now, I’m not so sure how much an obol is, but that doesn’t much matter (I’ll look it up later). It’s still relevant, the power of money the whole world through, is it not?

Now, I’m not so sure that this book really counts towards my 52, since it’s not really a book, but a play. Oh well. This is my website, it’s my challenge, so I make the rules! For now, I’ll call it ‘undecided.’

A Quick Realization

As I’m sitting here, drinking my coffee, I suddenly began to miss painting. And, by Jove, I’ve realized something!

It’s entirely idiotic for me to sit up here, typing away and missing painting, when I could just go paint. After all, what is there to stop me? NOTHING!

OH! But before I go, I’d like to leave you with a note: the Kindle Unlimited version of The Frogs isn’t translated nearly as well as this PDF which I’ve found. For some reason, my Kindle Paperwhite is making unnecessary changes to the text in my recent downloads. Why is ‘world’ changed to ‘global,’ why is ‘gay’ (as in happy) changed to ‘homosexual’? I’ve reached out to Amazon support, and they claimed to have resolved the issue, but they most certainly haven’t!

Perhaps it’s only my account, because it happens on my Kindle and my phone app alike. I’m not sure if other readers are experiencing similar issues or not, but if you are, just know that you’re not alone!

Keep an eye on my painting portfolio for any updates! If today’s experiments go well, there might just be a new painting added to the ol’ ‘folio. πŸ˜‰

Thank you so much for reading! Don’t forget to like and subscribe for more Freshly Stale content ☺ 

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