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Sorry For the Hiatus

Hey everyone, it’s been a while! One of the last times we talked I told you I was gonna be a teacher. Well, I chickened out. Teachers get whole degrees dedicated to teaching, which I don’t have. I just don’t want the kids’ education to suffer while I try to learn how to teach. It’s not fair for the kids. And honestly, I got scared. Teachers have such an impact on people; they have so much responsibility! So I decided to turn down the job offer, and have been too embarrassed to tell you all that this blog won’t be about teaching anymore.

So, what will happen to Freshly Stale? It’ll definitely still have the occasional poem like how it started out, but I think for the most part it’ll be a lifestyle blog. I’ve been running another blog about spirituality over at Ambiguous Spaces, but it’s not doing too well lately. While I like exploring religion and spirituality, I think I’ve been too inward focused lately. The whole point of spirituality is to be a better person, and I believe that being a better person takes more than just inward reflection and scripture studies. Being a better person means working for a better world.

Blogging for Work

Eventually I want to be a full time blogger and help others live green lives. But until I reach that point, I need to work a job for a living. Maybe you’ve read some of my poems and noticed, but I’m pretty anti-capitalistic. See, capitalism as practiced here in America is not sustainable. So the thought of working as a part of a capitalist society is, well, soul crushing.

But don’t confuse that as meaning that I don’t want to work at all! I want to grow as much of my own food as possible, jar and preserve my own goods, live plastic free and make homemade soaps. I want to be as self-sustaining as possible! And if my partner and I end up with too much of something then we can trade and barter with other small farmers as a part of a sustainable community. A better world depends on sustainability.♻

It’s gonna take a while to get there! Despite having a college degree, I work a minimum wage part-time job. Well, I will, but I haven’t actually started yet. Despite being overqualified for it and fundamentally opposed to the consumerist mentality pushed by many major corporations, I’ve been hired to work a retail job. What can I say, a pal’s gotta eat!

Luckily, I got hired into a non-profit organization that has similar values to my own!

I’ll be working at Goodwill, which is a company that’s always been a part of my life. They don’t donate money to any hate groups, they recycle old computers and electronics that don’t work, they offer job training and help people find employment with their job centers, the clothes are affordable, and thrifting is more eco-friendly than fast fashion. Am I thrilled to be working for minimum wage after earning a bachelors degree? Of course not! But at least it’s for an ethical company.

Let’s Be Better Together

Right now, I’m nowhere near sustainable. Nowhere. It’ll be a long process, but I would love for you join me as I work towards my sustainable dream life! We’ll talk about reusable metal straws, compost piles, working at Goodwill, and any other aspect of green living that comes to mind.

Having a farm is a long ways away. After all, minimum wage pay absolutely is not enough money for a person to live on. Especially only part-time. But there are still things to be done to be better! For example, my mom likes buying Q-tips with the plastic stick instead of the biodegradable cotton ones, so you can definitely expect a future post about just how harmful the plastic ones are for the environment(and updates on my family’s shopping habits!).

And as I start earning at my new job, I’ll be able to try out different sustainable and reusable products and leave reviews for you! Eventually, those reviews will have affiliate links so I can earn a little extra money from the blog, but I’ll do my research and only recommend products that I trust from ethical, trustworthy companies.

Like before, I’ll try to post on Wednesdays, but it’s tentative. Life happens. But I sure do hope you’ll join me in trying to live better, more sustainable lives! Let me know about any products you want me to review, or any types of articles you’d like to read, and I’ll do my best to make Freshly Stale your go-to site for sustainable living! Sometimes I hear people call it crunchy living, but we’re not gonna be crunchy over here. We can be both eco-friendly and luxurious, it might just be a little old-fashioned(re: stale).😉

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to like and subscribe!😊

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  1. Stay focused on your goals, work hard, and make it happen. You have chosen your path in life, so follow it and reap its rewards. Stay positive and make it happen. I have no doubt that you can do it❤️

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