5 Ways to Improve Your Classroom Management Overnight

Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone’s day went well 😊 Mine sure did! Well, I guess that depends on how you define “well.” See, I spent the first half of today totally freaking out about my new job and planning lessons. (Don’t worry, it got better!)

I was planning for talking for waaay too long(and in an art class, no less)! Isn’t that silly?! I’d gotten so used to just how much college professors can talk that I’d forgotten what art class was like when I was a kid. I was totally freaking out over nothing!

These 5 tips from Sierra Machado at ThatArtTeacher.com immediately made me think of my favorite grade school art teacher, Ms. Senach. She was encouraging, gentle, positive, and authoritative. And these 5 tips made me think of some college professors who were at times the complete opposite, too! They were still great professors, but lordy talk about boring and sometimes uncomfortable classes. I don’t want my classes to be like that, but as long as I keep Sierra’s 5 classroom management methods in mind I know I’ll be fine. ☕😊

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