5 Free Resources for New Teachers

5 Free Resources for New Teachers
I’m super excited to share these sites with you!

Hey there, friends! I’ve spent the last 2 days gathering resources and pinning to Pinterest basically non-stop like a crazy person, just trying to get ready to be a teacher. Because honestly, I’m not too sure what I’m doing. My degree is in studio art, jewelry making, and art history, not teaching, and certainly not teaching children.

I never really even wanted to be a teacher! But when I saw the job listing it sounded really promising, so I applied. And the more I thought about it, the more I decided that I really super do wanna be an art teacher! I loved being a student, I love planning and organizing and crafting. I love working with kids, they’re so unpretentious!

And I love teachers! I was lucky enough to have some wonderful, caring, patient, understanding teachers growing up and so many of them have had big impact on my life. It was obvious that they were in it for more than just the money(and we’ve all heard about how little teachers actually get paid)!

Even now, as I get ready to teach, other teachers have helped me out so so much! There’s loads of teaching resources on the web that have been posted by generous and helpful teachers for free. So much, in fact, that I wanted to pay-it-forward and make a small compilation of some of the resources I’ll be using in my lessons!

Teacher Resources

Just Add Students

Just Add Students is the first teacher-run blog I found that really had me #shook. It’s loaded with free resources, and even has month-by-month lesson ideas, which are absolutely perfect for planning with a bullet journal! Did you know that February is both Black History Month and National Haiku Month?

Just Add Students home page
So user-friendly!

See that tab in the middle of the menu, the one that says that says “FREEBIES FOR BUSY TEACHERS!”? Click on it! There’s free slideshows, worksheets, calendars, and more. Well, almost free. You just have to sign up for the Just Add Students email list to gain access to the crazy helpful resource library. Trust me, it’s seriously worth it!

A Million Ways to Learn

I feel like I already learned so much from this blog! Chock-full of posts on how to manage kids in the classroom, create a positive environment and teach coping skills, A Million Ways to Learn is all about the students’ needs!

A Million Ways to Learn home page
Everybody learns differently!

Is learning how to deal with disruptive behaviors important for teachers? Of course, it is! Is it something that would have totally slipped my mind in the frenzy to get ready to teach? Of course, it is! It’s just like Dorothy Height said

You never teach a subject, you always teach a child. You teach children in a way that they will learn, and then things will fall into place for them.”

Dorothy height

Kinder Art

Kinder Art has so many free art lessons, it’s wild! They’re organized by grade level, by materials used, and by theme to make lessons super easy to find. They don’t just talk about lessons though! Want to throw a classroom party, or maybe you haven’t even gotten past icebreakers on your first day? Kinder Art has your back.

KinderArt home page
Kinder Art has ideas for days

Want to teach your kiddos about art principles and theories while also teaching them art history? There’s a whole freaking section on that!

Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers is by teachers, for teachers! It’s a name that keeps coming up in my search for resources, and it’s really clear why. Anyone can make a free account to share and download content! It gets better though. Teachers can actually sell their lesson plans on Teachers Pay Teachers! This means that when you buy a lesson you can be sure that you’re helping out another educator.

Teachers Pay Teachers home page
It’s even got adult education resources!

See that menu on the left? It’s a search filter tool and it makes finding lessons a breeze. Filter by age, subject, price, and resource type to find what you need in a snap! And getting a little extra money for sharing with other teachers is always a plus.😉

The Art of Education

I’m definitely the target audience for The Art of Education! They offer 100% online higher education programs so that teachers like me can earn a Master’s degree while teaching. Plus, their magazine covers all sorts of things, from how to build better relationships with parents to avoiding cultural appropriation in the classroom.

The Art of Education home page
You can bet your buns I’ll be taking classes here!

The Masters Degree course is done at your own pace. You know what that means, right? It’s totally possible to earn a Master’s Degree from home in just a year if you’re really dedicated!! Sign me up!

More Resources

I found all of these amazing websites through Pinterest. Seriously, Pinterest is incredible. You can find so many more awesome resources on my Pinterest page here. I’ll be adding new pins daily, so be sure to check in often!

Do you have any favorite teacher resources? Share them in the comments! Thanks for reading 😊

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